Large Wine List?
Sell more Wines and Meals from Your Menu

Launch was great - Customers love it - Much easier than the old hard copy especially since we are primarily using it in our lounge which gets pretty dark at night. Staff were comfortable with it and picked it up quickly. We discovered a few incorrect pricing but with the guidance you gave us we quickly rectified it. In short - Success and now we will want to apply this system for other uses in the near future. — Skye Restaurant, Jakarta, Indonesia

Your menu is responsible for your meal and wine sales. Selling wine is hard and having large wine list makes it even harder.

Yet your wines and beverages are amongst the most profitable offers on your menu, and even a small increase in sales can lead to huge increase in your profits.

This is why it is critical that your menu must be engineered and optimized so that your patrons can discover your offers.

These are just some of the problems your current menu might be facing. The larger your wine list is, the more painful they are.

It is hard to sell wine and Mehana makes it easier, even with a large wine list.

We have seen countless of restaurants facing those problems and we researched how we can help them and Mehana is the result of this research.

More wine sales will not only help you increase your profits for each order, but you will see more returning customers delighted by your offers.

Mehana is a monthly service and a menu application for your Android or iPad tablets, built specifically for your restaurant.

More features & benefits that you will love:

How It works?

  1. Custom application with a custom design is build for your restaurant.
  2. You install it on your iPad or Android tablets.
  3. You edit the content of your menu from a convenient web interface when you want.
  4. The content syncs automatically with all your devices.
  5. You give the tablets to your customers instead of giving them paper menus.
  6. They enjoy their wine & dinner and you enjoy increased profits and loyal customers.


Does the initial data input take much time?

Entering the initial data into the menu, can take some time, but we are here to help. Send it to us and we will put it, in your new Mehana menu for you. Afterwards there are only small incremental updates which take minutes or even seconds to make.

Is it hard to manage my menu?

Nope. It's easy. You have a convenient web interface, where you can change anything, adjust prices and manage all device that display your menu. You can open it in any modern browser from any computer.

Can I change the content of the menu myself?

Yes, you will have access to a secure and convenient web interface, where you can change the content of you menu. You can adjust prices, add new meals, hide offers temporarily and much more. Once you make a change all the devices that display your menu will synchronize automatically. They will always be up to date.

Buying tablets is a big initial investment, when will it pay back?

True it's a big investment, yet our clients say that it pays back in a month or two. Moreover, we support any iPad and any Android tablet, you are able to choose from a wide range of devices. You can choose the one that best suits your budget and needs. In fact, you don't have to start big. You can start with only 5 devices, then add 5 more when you need it, and then add more devices when you need again. You can also decrease the number of devices you are using any time. One of our customers begun with 10 devices, but at the end of the first month he added 10 more, as the Mehana menu was a big success, and at the end of the third month he added another 10. Right now he is running with 30 devices in one of his restaurants and he just added 10 more in another restaurant.

What is the minimum contract time?

No long term contracts. You can cancel anytime you want. You can decrease devices any time you want, or you can add more devices any time you want. We want you to be our customer not because you have to, but because you want to.

Do I need Internet in my restaurant to use Mehana?

No, you don't. You only need Internet when you update your menu, so that the devices displaying it can fetch the new content. The rest of the time, you don't need Internet at all.

How often do tablets get stolen?

Never. No device has ever been stolen from our clients. We have large clients with more than 30 tablets and small clients with only 5 and none of them has ever lost a device.

How often should I charge the tablets?

The battery last at least 3 days most of the time, and often even a week. Battery life is not a problem. A good practice is to put the tablets on charging when you close the restaurant each night, but even if you don't do it every day, it won't be a problem.

Aren't tablets fragile?

This is a myth. Most tablets are build from hard metal, plastic and glass materials, which are not easy to break or damage even if you spill a drink on them and poke them with a knife. They are much more resistant than any kind of paper, and they wear out much more slowly. Even if a customer spills his drink over it, you only need to wipe it and its like brand new again.

Do I need a technical guy?

We've made running Mehana very simple for everyone. Installing a tablet takes only 3 steps. That's all. It takes about a minute. You do it once, and you never do it again. All other updates happen automatically.